Friends with Benefits (or how 143 means I love you)

Title: Friends with Benefits (or how 143 means I love you)
Location: Art Under Ground Studio
Link out: Click here
Description: Our next Party/Reception for the Love month of February. Happy Valentine’s Everybody, it’ll be a great show
Start Time: 6:00PM
Date: 2009-02-07

A Friend with Benefits

Billy Mitchell (very tentative Billy!), Liz Wilson, Taurean Washington, Renee Tantillo, Matt Muirhead, Mike Wiggs, Cheryl Moulton, Rick Santiago and Daniel Houck (so far) + Debbie Manville all the way from NJ, for this Happy Valentine’s Show at the Studio.

I think we’re going to go Vegetarian for the Eats… we had problems with the Meat at the last opening…

  • Naty Boh’s and PBR’s
  • Boxed Wine as well as Juice Boxes
  • etc etc etc

Please bring in your iPod, everybody complains about our current selection of music

Friends with Benefits 2009

We should be adding to this very shortly...

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