October 08

October – the month for Beer, Bier, Cerveza, Bière, Birra, etc etc etc – anyway you say it, it goes better with ART!

Stay tuned in for October happenings at the Studio

Naty Bama Buttons now available and they're FREE!

This is the ORIGINAL Joe 6 Pack Guy! These Obama Buttons, the Brain Child of Rick Santiago and Mike Wiggs, are FREE while they last (and we will have more made through November 1). “Printed” on Shrinky Dink material, each is unique and may one day be a collectors item…

Our next show, AMERICAN VALUES AMERICAN PRIDE, REDUX is slated to open with a “Political Unusual” Party/Reception on Saturday November 1. Stayed tuned for more…

American Values American Pride, Redux
American Values American Pride, Redux

Thanks, 🙂

The Dizz aka Dizzy Izzy’s

Ok, I’ve gone a couple of times and I’m still not sure (of the new glass front)

One of the problems I’m dealing with is that front door area; what use to be a cozy little entry way with a solid wood door and waist high windows on either side is now completely glass almost floor to ceiling. I personally don’t like that, maybe I’ll get use to it sooner or later, I just don’t like the feeling of being watched while I maybe drinking one too many or I might be wearing mismatched socks or worse BOTH!

At one dinner, I had the Fried Calamari, Fried Onions Rings and an order of Sliders w/cheese. It was good to very very good, no complaints. The Calamari, was fresh, seasoned well and ranks up there with even the best I can find in Greek town. The Calamari was a big big surprise.

Here’s where I got lost, when I looked at the bill, I was charged ONLY $3 each for a couple of Guiness’ and my BFF was charged $3 for a Dirty Martini… now that is a DEAL! Please note, this dinner was during, what I think was Happy Hour…

The menu seems to be a bit more sophisticated, just a little tidied up… A lot of the Staff look familiar, which I like!

BTW – I never ever ever referred to Dizzy Izzy’s as the DIZZ, I didn’t know any one that ever called it the DIZZ or say let’s meet up at the DIZZ, we all just called it Dizzy Izzy’s!!!!

That’s it folks!

Hamdpen Fest 2008 and more

That OTHER Festival, aka, the Hampden Fest is this Saturday September 13, 2008. The Studio will be open all day and into the night participating in this end of summer festival in Hampden…

As of this writing the only problem we see is the probability of rain, 40% chance of Thunderstorms, we hope not…

Also, this week, the Antreasian Gallery will have an Opening Reception Friday September 12, 2008, meet the Artists, Grab a Drink and Have a Bite starting at 4:00PM… we will be there…

Thanks, the Management 🙂