Sacred to the Mememory of


Sacred to the Memory of, a prevailing tombstone inscription from the Victorian Period, is an exhibtion of diverse domestic and international cemetery photography seeking to question one´s perceptions of death, dying, and the hereafter. You are most welcome to attend, while time remains. This exhibit features the works of Ryan Coffman and Thomas Izaguirre, free and open to the puiblic. Exhibit runs from July 11 through August 8, 2009! more to follow…

Featuring Recent Thanatological Photography of
Thomas Izaguirre & Susurrus Din

The Mid-Atlantic region boasts the most spectacular variety of funerary and memorial art within a specific region in this country. Much of it is located within Baltimore and nearby areas on the Eastern Shore. My colleague Ryan Coffman (aka Sussurus Din) and I share a mutual love of this art, which is both poignant and impermanent, as much a public museum of the architecture of remembrance as place of repose for those who have passed away. We look forward to sharing our discoveries with you and promoting greater awareness of the public treasure these places represent. Sadly, some of these monuments have fallen victim to the elements or to desecration by thieves and vandals, but our work presents some of these before misfortune fell upon them. We look forward to your attendance and thank you for your interest!

Artists’ Reception
Friday July 17, 2009
Always Casual
Starts at 7:00PM through the Evening
art – food – drink

Reception/Opening Photos!

Nice turnout for this event.  We have not had a Friday opening in 3+ years but this was a pleasant surprise considering Artscape was going on. 

Thanks to Ryan Coffman and Thomas Izagguire for sharing their works.  Thanks to all that dropped by for the reception…

Illustrations from the Psychonaut Narrative

Matt Muirhead

Title: Illustrations from the Psychonaut Narrative
Location: Art Under Ground Studio
Description: Matt Muirhead and friends’ take you on an artistic excursion into the submarine layers of the mind… Opening Reception
Start Time: 6:00PM
Date: Saturday March 7, 2009
End Time: Open Ended

This promises to be one of the more energetic openings we’ll have!  Open iPOD/MP3 Player for those that want to hear better music than we usually play 🙂

art – food – drink

An excellent night for Art! Readings from Robin Gunkel, J. Gavin Heck, Joseph Crespo, and Emily Peterson. Thanks for everybody’s contribution and a big thanks for all that stopped by…

Psychonaut Narrative

Matt Muirhead and Friends